Jetwing Youth Development Project (JYDP) 2006

Jetwing Youth Development Project (JYDP) at Vil Uyana, Sirigiya has shattered an industry shibboleth and proved that rural youth are eminently trainable in Tourism and Hoteliering. We have provided training in English and Hotel Management, absolutely free of charge to disadvantaged rural youth and given them a viable career and gainful employment in a milieu to which they are eminently suited.

First of its kind in this country, the JYDP has made a significant contribution by way of an unique initiative towards solving Sri Lanka’s youth-unemployment problem.

It also provides a solution to the manpower shortage experienced within the Jetwing Group and the Sri Lanka Hotel industry in general.

Our presence in this remote area of our island has also involved the local communities in Tourism, changing their perceptions of it for the better and passing on to them many of its benefits.

This very successful pilot project carried out at Vil Uyana is a model for further training activities at our other properties, elsewhere in Sri Lanka.

Development of the youth at Vil Uyana continues, for we believe that they are the Jetwing managers of the future.

The work of the JYDP will go on!


Completed in 2006 drawing from the local, rural traditions, the buildings grow not out, but into the landscape. The ‘habitats’ naturalized by local flora and fauna create the timelessness of a healthy ecosystem, and provides the setting for peace and tranquility.

The challenge of introducing a wetland system on once developed agricultural lands within the Dry Zone provides the unique backdrop for this exciting new property.

With rooms tastefully designed but boasting of space as its prime characteristic of luxury, and located within sight of the ‘8th Wonder of the World’ – Sigiriya -a world heritage site, Vil Uyana is the creation of a truly ‘Lifestyle Hotel’.

In creating the ‘Lifestyle’ within, from its inception, Vil Uyana also introduced practices to minimize environmental impact and conserving biodiversity outside in its environs.

Five acres of land are used to re-grow paddy using traditional and organic harvesting methods; Xx acres are dominated by the water reservoir and its associate flora and fauna. ; y acres are being re-forested using species native to the dry zone . Encircled thus by nature, it is no surprise that the staff of Vil Uyana is committed not only to preserving and enhancing the naturalness of the environment but also to actively prevent damage and destruction.

Vil Uyana practices responsible environmental management with the 3R concept that Reduces, Reuses and Recycles resources.

To this end, sound practices of energy and water conservation, air quality management and pollution reduction, use of environment friendly resources, recycling, environmental friendly purchasing in keeping with existing laws and regulations, have been introduced. Regular awareness programmes for both staff and guests are carried out and the need for involving local communities in these efforts is recognized. Vil Uyana has already been involved in providing environmental education in the area and from its inception, consulted community leaders to identify the training needs of young people who, today, form the backbone of the staff.